nyc summer streets 2013

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nyc summer streets 2013
nyc summer streets 2013, repping that Baruch Bearcat 🙂

I went to NYC Summer Streets 2013 this Saturday. I got up bright and early so I could get the one hour bike rental. It took 20 minutes of waiting, but well worth it. Riding in the morning from 52nd to 72nd to 14th St and back to 52nd felt really nice. It’s unfortunate returns must be at the rental location or I would’ve rode all the way down to the Bridge.

I did not check out any of the activities (rock climbing, ziplining) and now I wish I waited on line for the sound tunnel. But, it was still good fun. Loved the organic food booths at 25th St! Little bites to walk the rest of the morning.

Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience trying to unload a Citibike. I must’ve printed over 6 bike codes, of which none worked (even the staff couldn’t help). All in all, love what Citibike is trying to do, but it’s too buggy and the systems are slow.

Summer Streets 2014—I’ll be there earlier!