white water rafting

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white water rafting
white water rafting

Last Sunday I went white water rafting! This is the third summer I’ve gone to the same place (Whitewater Challengers) and the second I’ve gone with LivingSocial. I love that referring 3 people with your link makes your ticket free (the savings that we all shared, of course).

I recruited two lovely people to join our group (Joe + Kristen). Joe was a great captain and steered us the right way while Kristen was a great paddler and lovely mood setter.

We got stuck on a small rock once and cruised through all the bigger waves and rocks. We were so good :0)

Did I mention it was drizzling also? Perfect adventure weather. It seems that it must rain the times I go whitewater rafting.

Until next year! Anyone with recommendations for places with Level 4+, would appreciate it.

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