Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I am Winnie Mui and I am a lover of many things food, travel, fitness, and personal finance.

I am the creator and designer behind BearyArtsy. You can check out some of the cute & punny goodies I sold over on Etsy (greeting cards, stickers, stationery, and crochet toys). More recently, I have been on a daily project to letter the word of the day, shared on @BearyArtsy IG highlight: LETTER. My favorite tools so far include the Artist Loft A5 notebook, Crayola smart tips markers, and Tom Bow markers.

I love chasing wallpapers. If you’re looking for my old travel posts, you can find them on that site! I’ve been to 4 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, ). My goal WAS to visit all 7 by 2020 (but there is no real need to go to Antartica since all those cruise aren’t great for the environment πŸ˜•. I plotted all my travels on this map.

My day job is in digital media, where I am responsible for strategy through execution. I was on the Board for the nonprofit, United Women in Business, managing operations, events, and digital marketing (social, search, website, email). I’ve also served on the Board for my sorority, Kappa Phi Lambda, where I was in charge of brand management and was part of the Steering Committee that overhauled the new member process. I also helped out with The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce in the digital marketing space with website and newsletters. In college, I was very active in Ascend Leadership, driving up membership 4x in a semester and spearheading both professional and social events. You can find out more about my past work experiences over on LinkedIn.


I am pretty responsive across my email and all my social media channels. Feel free to shoot me a note at:

Email: winniemui68[@]gmail.com
Twitter: @winniemui
Instagram: @winnieinwine


Regarding 🎨 artwork 🎨, please shoot a note over to:

Email: bearyartsy[@]gmail.com
Twitter: @BearyArtsy
Instagram: @BearyArtsy

I commission custom designs and drawings. I create greeting cards, stickers, and crochet toys. I am always looking for partners to collaborate artwork, host giveaways, vend at an event, etc

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