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I redeemed my free sampler pack of 5 Vrou water bottles from Wellcoin (see¬†post¬†on Wellcoin rewards). Vrou water claims to be packed with micro-nutrients, natural ingredients and contain no sugar nor calories. I started to do some digging about Vrou water, to see if it’s all it claims to be to HYDRATE (electrolytes), ENERGIZER (B vitamins), STRENGTHEN (magnesium, calcium, vitamins D + K), DEFEND (vitamins A + C + E).

(PS: I love regular water, especially boiled water cooled to room temperature! I owned one of those water fruit infusers, but the bottle really sucked and leaked.)

vrou water
so many flavors *—-*

I am not one to read a million labels and ingredient lists every time I shop, I just look at the nutrition facts to get a quick idea on the calories, fat content, and such. There’s that rule “if you can’t pronounce it, then it’s probably not good for you” so looking at the long ingredient list… I can’t pronounce a ton of stuff, haha. Just wanted to read more into this so this post has more flesh.

Pineapple pineapple + Mint mint: my first bottle. It tasted like water that had pineapples soaking in it for a while and nicely diluted with MORE water after. It wasn’t very sweet and didn’t have any mint flavor (thank goodness cause I don’t like mint flavored water). Overall, it left me feeling hydrated. I must have been really thirsty at my desk because I finished it in under an hour.

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Wine & Dine

I saw this yummy Facebook video post for Sushi Rice Dip¬†by Buzzfeed Tasty! I pinned it and made it last week during Blizzard¬†Jonas. We modified the recipe as noted below. It took about 10 minutes to make and longer to eat (which is a sure win since most things are eaten quicker)! ūüėĬ†😃

diggin’ in the rice dip and making a riceball / taco thing


1 cup uncooked jasmine rice
2 cups water (approx)
0.5 Tbsp white vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp oil
1 cup shiitake mushrooms
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp dark soy sauce
some diced onions (approx 1/8 cup)
1/2 avocado
a dash of sesame oil


1. Use a rice cooker to for the 1 cup jasmine rice. The water trick is to put your hand into the pot and the water should be covering half your hand. Pour in the 1 tsp of sugar and the 0.5 Tbsp of white vinegar.

If you do not own a rice cooker, cook over a pot for about 20 min over high heat until boil, then reduce to low heat.

2. Slice up your avocado in small cubes. Since this one was really big, we only used half.

we didn’t know we were going to use just half, so we cut both sides up… so much leftover. smoothie?

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Wine & Dine

Coffee Kind is an online coffee shop to get speciality coffee from around the world. They also have a discovery subscription plan that mails you two bags of coffee (6 oz each) along with information on the beans.

I¬†ordered my first box for medium / dark¬†because they had an enticing holiday sale of “make a purchase and get random giftcard up to $50”. The first box is also 50% off¬†(aka $10) with the promo code FIRSTBOX50. Not knowing I missed the order deadline deadline (the 10th of each month), I wondered why my order took so long to arrive back in December. It arrived mid-January like this:

the packaging box is so cute and fits the coffee bags perfectly!
the packaging box is so cute and fits the 2 coffee bags perfectly!
PC: Coffee Kind

Thanks to Snowpocalypse, we had a ton of time indoors to brew coffee. The bags of coffee were very aromatic¬†😍. I was practically like an addict squeezing the bag and sniffing the air valve. It smelled like roasted chocolates and baking spice, exactly like the tasting notes they described!

winnie drinking medium Iglesias
more coffee sniffing –¬†the medium body Iglesias (no milk or sugar), while catching up on some reading
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coffee just chilling with the bean crusher
coffee just chilling with the bean crusher


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Wine & Dine
ox verte bowl
a bowl of delicious veggies, grains, and meat and a package of cookie

This Tuesday, I went to Ox Verte‘s tasting event to celebrate real food. One of the UWIB Board members went to an event that Ox Verte catered at, and loving the food, she asked the host where the food came from. Lo and behold, we sat together at a small table, trying the fall menu. When the seasons change, the Ox team likes to test different flavors. Fall was defined already.

It was hosted at someone’s residence lobby (which, by the way, the building looks fantastic in the small amount of space I walked through). I got there a bit early so I was just awkwardly trying to cool down (and finish Googling about WordPress and permalinks). The Ox team was just setting up so I did not want to disturb them. Most people rolled in a bit after 7 PM. I grabbed a glass of Riesling and enjoyed the chatter ūüôā

ox verte menu – fall

While the price is on the higher end, the quality is definitely noticeable. (I’m actually not the best at tasting “freshness” but this was much less oily than a competitor, Dig Inn.) If your company orders catering, I would highly recommended you try this!


Wine & Dine

In July, I bought a LivingSocial deal to a class at Back Label Wine Merchants. I’ve been trying to learn more about wine, so this was such a great deal. Because LS has the “refer 3, gets yours free” system, I shared on Facebook and got one person to buy it (what an influencer I am, ha).

My friend went to the California Wine & Cheese class in September. Since the voucher expires Oct 16, I was checking the events calendar obsessively for a cheese class. No luck.

We went to the Argentina Wines class to discover the various wines made there. I learned that a ton of Malbec comes from here to the US and that Argentina Wines are light wines and not as bold as the California Napa reds we are used to.

(So mad the WordPress app now. I typed everything up and there was an update error!!)

drink up!
drink up!

1. Mendel / 2013 Semillon
2. Familia Mayol / 2014 Garnacha Blanca
3. Zorzal / 2012 “Terror Unico” Pinot Noir
4. Colonia Las Liebres / 2013 Bonarda
5. Bodega Chacra / 2011 “Manique” Merlot

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Wine & Dine, Winnie

Last week, I went to a Tasting Table event in their Test Kitchen. The space itself was very homey, since it is basically a renovated apartment turned into huge kitchen and open area for private dining.

I immediately went straight for the food wall, grabbing the cool rectangular plate that had a hole for the wine glass.¬†Finally, someone out there remembered how awkward networking events are with a hand of food and another hand with a beverage. Now we can all shake hands (although none were exchanged at this event…)

an event planner’s must-have

My favorite part of this night was¬†not the free soju citrus cocktail, but the amazing crispy rice passed hors d’oeuvres. About an inch in diameter, grilled to perfect, with unidentified pink toppings (don’t know if it was fish or vegetables), I had to keep an eagle’s eye out for fresh plates.

winnie & crispy rice
winnie eating ALL the crispy rice that are coming outta the kitchen

I tried searching through social media for a beautiful photo of this, but no luck. Guess the event was too private ūüôĀ

If you’re interested in trying out the crispy rice, I would recommend Koi. In NYC, they are usually listed for Restaurant Week, which is twice a year in January and September. Here is an awesome photo, from the restaurant itself:

koi crispy rice, yummm
koi crispy rice, yummm

I don’t have an Air-Fry so a pan will do. Can’t wait to try this myself after watching this tutorial¬†(and here, if you need to read / print) by Misha.


Wine & Dine

I think I had a coffee each day this week after coming back from the cruise. Having to think is just too much after being on a boat, eating all day, and being lazy. I thought I expend my energy showing how much coffee is awesome by drawing it out on the S Note app of my phone.

coffee day
winnie on coffee. drawn on the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone. pretty neat considering there’s no tablet and the app is meant for notes ūüėÄ

Yesterday was also the the launch of Starbucks‘ new fall drink: the Toasted Graham Latte. I was expecting it to be like cookies & milk or toasted flakes… but it was just a toned down Pumpkin Spice Latte with less sugar and more foam (which I finished eating with my handy spoon! Let no milk go to waste!). Both drinks do not have much flavor. Needless to say, the almost $5 spent on a tall drink was¬†not worth it.

Time to go grab today’s coffee. I don’t follow football but I know the Giants won cause Dunkin Donuts told me coffee is $0.25 today thanks to their¬†New York wins promotion. DD just rocks in terms of membership rewards.

Edit 9/30:

I forgot to mention how cool barista-for-hire is! Check out the rolling bean, who came to my office today and crafted a yummy pumpkin chai latte for me (and again today: a dirty chai pumpkin latte), yum!

the rolling bean
the rolling bean. spice up your party with baristas-for-hire
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Wanderlust, Wine & Dine
disney land tokyo pastries
disney land tokyo pastries

Sweetheart Cafe! Mickey custard bun, pizza bun, Mike melon pan, coffee jelly vanilla mouse ūüôā

I went to Tokyo with my sister and we just love sweets. The best thing about vacation is eating dessert EVERY DAY. We’re huge fans of Disney and had to make a stop at Disneyland. Of course, it’s not as impressive as Disney World (in Florida, BTW, people keep confusing these theme park names…) but still very nice to see.

The Mike melon pan was sooo good, we actually bought 3 more after eating it.

I went to Tokyo again in March 2015 and the pastry is¬†still so yummy! Wish I could’ve brought some home but it would definitely have spoiled…