stitchfix-logoStitch Fix is your personal stylist, who will mail you a box of fashion finds based on your style every month (or whatever frequency you like).

My first box arrived on Wednesday and with 3 days to return, I dropped it into a USPS box last night since this Snowpocalypse is making NYC a stay-at-time-and-Netflix kind of day (or a UWIB kick-off join.me meeting day). Here is a collage of the 5 pieces and some ways I decided to put it on:

my sister actually opened the box on Wed night while I was doing BBG WK 10 Abs. I was like, "THEY KNOW ME, OMG! SO CUTE" and then she told me the prices and I knew I had to return it ASAP (after taking pics, haha~)
my sister actually opened the box on Wed night while I was doing BBG WK 10 Abs. I was like, “THEY KNOW ME, OMG! SO CUTE” and then she told me the prices and I knew I had to return it ASAP (after taking pics, haha~)
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My experience with Stitch Fix went from:
😮 – oh, what is this?
😀 – hey, this survey is kinda fun, *pins some things*
😦 – eh, a styling fee?
😕 – what if I don’t like the stuff?
📧 – 5 months later, discount code email –> 😁 aw yeah
📦 – package arrives!
👚👖👗 – yazz 😍
😭❄️ – when returning at the start of Snowpocalypse

Can you tell I love emojis? More about my experience in words and larger pictures…

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Wine & Dine, Winnie

Last week, I went to a Tasting Table event in their Test Kitchen. The space itself was very homey, since it is basically a renovated apartment turned into huge kitchen and open area for private dining.

I immediately went straight for the food wall, grabbing the cool rectangular plate that had a hole for the wine glass. Finally, someone out there remembered how awkward networking events are with a hand of food and another hand with a beverage. Now we can all shake hands (although none were exchanged at this event…)

an event planner’s must-have

My favorite part of this night was not the free soju citrus cocktail, but the amazing crispy rice passed hors d’oeuvres. About an inch in diameter, grilled to perfect, with unidentified pink toppings (don’t know if it was fish or vegetables), I had to keep an eagle’s eye out for fresh plates.

winnie & crispy rice
winnie eating ALL the crispy rice that are coming outta the kitchen

I tried searching through social media for a beautiful photo of this, but no luck. Guess the event was too private 🙁

If you’re interested in trying out the crispy rice, I would recommend Koi. In NYC, they are usually listed for Restaurant Week, which is twice a year in January and September. Here is an awesome photo, from the restaurant itself:

koi crispy rice, yummm
koi crispy rice, yummm

I don’t have an Air-Fry so a pan will do. Can’t wait to try this myself after watching this tutorial (and here, if you need to read / print) by Misha.


Winnie, Work & Career

Today was my United Women in Business event with Citizen’s Mark. Good group and attentive audience. Looking forward to the new headshots (by Adeline Ramos) in my email inbox, but in the meantime, this looks just like me right?

winnie in citizen's mark blazer
winnie dressed in the Citizen’s Mark classic fit navy blazer size 0, top – unknown brand, pants – Banana Republic Sloan slim fit, size 0P

Will edit tomorrow with an event recap and thoughts!

[[ EDIT: Wed, Oct 7, 2015 ]]

I wanted to give my thanks to Cynthia Salim for being super easy to work with, inspiring, and sponsoring the yummy cheese & wine (because who doesn’t love vino and small snacks)!

winnie Citizen's Mark grey blazer
winnie not digging the grey color

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Wellness & Workout, Winnie

First off, super glad that Hurricane Joaquin decided to breeze by New York, bringing only heavy rains on Friday (which made me super cold since I was ill-prepared, except for my wonderful polka dot children size rainboots).

I was prepared to sit on the couch all day. I’d like to point out that I am not a huge watcher of shows and movies, so this was a big deal. With Verizon FIOS as my arsenal, I was ready to stream away the latest episodes I missed and maybe, just maybe, catch up with the pop culture everyone is obsessed with.

To much of east coast’s surprise, Sunday was a very nice day. Since I just always have gym clothes on me, I was ready to sweat, get my 10,000 daily steps, and enjoy the sun while we still can.

winnie tennis
tennis in a comfy sweater and shorts, oh yes. I became one of those girls I comment on dressing inappropriately for the weather

Ta-da! Time to make use of those pink tennis balls (which donate $ to Breast Cancer Research Foundation). We played tennis for about a hour before the park shut down due to construction. Who’s scared of a bull dozer…

Also, Fear The Walking Dead was such a huge disappointment. Can’t wait for the season 6 premiere on Sunday!

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