Wine & Dine

Coffee Kind is an online coffee shop to get speciality coffee from around the world. They also have a discovery subscription plan that mails you two bags of coffee (6 oz each) along with information on the beans.

I ordered my first box for medium / dark because they had an enticing holiday sale of “make a purchase and get random giftcard up to $50”. The first box is also 50% off (aka $10) with the promo code FIRSTBOX50. Not knowing I missed the order deadline deadline (the 10th of each month), I wondered why my order took so long to arrive back in December. It arrived mid-January like this:

the packaging box is so cute and fits the coffee bags perfectly!
the packaging box is so cute and fits the 2 coffee bags perfectly!
PC: Coffee Kind

Thanks to Snowpocalypse, we had a ton of time indoors to brew coffee. The bags of coffee were very aromatic 😍. I was practically like an addict squeezing the bag and sniffing the air valve. It smelled like roasted chocolates and baking spice, exactly like the tasting notes they described!

winnie drinking medium Iglesias
more coffee sniffing – the medium body Iglesias (no milk or sugar), while catching up on some reading
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coffee just chilling with the bean crusher
coffee just chilling with the bean crusher


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Wine & Dine

I think I had a coffee each day this week after coming back from the cruise. Having to think is just too much after being on a boat, eating all day, and being lazy. I thought I expend my energy showing how much coffee is awesome by drawing it out on the S Note app of my phone.

coffee day
winnie on coffee. drawn on the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone. pretty neat considering there’s no tablet and the app is meant for notes 😀

Yesterday was also the the launch of Starbucks‘ new fall drink: the Toasted Graham Latte. I was expecting it to be like cookies & milk or toasted flakes… but it was just a toned down Pumpkin Spice Latte with less sugar and more foam (which I finished eating with my handy spoon! Let no milk go to waste!). Both drinks do not have much flavor. Needless to say, the almost $5 spent on a tall drink was not worth it.

Time to go grab today’s coffee. I don’t follow football but I know the Giants won cause Dunkin Donuts told me coffee is $0.25 today thanks to their New York wins promotion. DD just rocks in terms of membership rewards.

Edit 9/30:

I forgot to mention how cool barista-for-hire is! Check out the rolling bean, who came to my office today and crafted a yummy pumpkin chai latte for me (and again today: a dirty chai pumpkin latte), yum!

the rolling bean
the rolling bean. spice up your party with baristas-for-hire
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