Wellness & Workout, Winnie

First off, super glad that Hurricane Joaquin decided to breeze by New York, bringing only heavy rains on Friday (which made me super cold since I was ill-prepared, except for my wonderful polka dot children size rainboots).

I was prepared to sit on the couch all day. I’d like to point out that I am not a huge watcher of shows and movies, so this was a big deal. With Verizon FIOS as my arsenal, I was ready to stream away the latest episodes I missed and maybe, just maybe, catch up with the pop culture everyone is obsessed with.

To much of east coast’s surprise, Sunday was a very nice day. Since I just always have gym clothes on me, I was ready to sweat, get my 10,000 daily steps, and enjoy the sun while we still can.

winnie tennis
tennis in a comfy sweater and shorts, oh yes. I became one of those girls I comment on dressing inappropriately for the weather

Ta-da! Time to make use of those pink tennis balls (which donate $ to Breast Cancer Research Foundation). We played tennis for about a hour before the park shut down due to construction. Who’s scared of a bull dozer…

Also, Fear The Walking Dead was such a huge disappointment. Can’t wait for the season 6 premiere on Sunday!

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