personal finance budget expense sheet

personal finance budget expense sheet

I’ve been tracking my spending for 10+ years now and I am proud to share with you the 2019 version of my Personal Finance Budget & Expense Sheet. 😀 . Over the years, my sheet has grown from just tracking expenses to full blown categories, use of Mint, adding in income tax estimates… so yeah, this sheet may be a bit scary.

Don’t be a victim of yourself and see this happen –> 💸 (money flying away)

In this sheet, you will need to input all numbers in purple, including salary, health, savings goal, living expenses, flexible expenses, etc. Includes TAX CALCULATIONS so your yearly net amount can be as accurate as possible (although it will never be quite there, so use this sheet as an awesome estimator).


  1. This is an estimation tool and is in no way shape or form a replacement for your personal advisor or accountant / tax preparer.
  2. This sheet is not going to match your tax refund exactly, but it gives a good basis as to what it would be like
  3. This sheet includes tax calculations for NYC residents. If you reside elsewhere, you will have more money leftover than the last number in this sheet.
  4. This sheet assumes you take the STANDARD deduction ($12,000)

View the Budget & Expense Sheet

Make a copy… do not request access (File –> Create a Copy). If you found this useful, care to Venmo me (@winniem) or Zelle/Chase QP some coffee money so I can work on those feature requests? 😉

Features to be updated (as they align with my life… #sorrynotsorry)

  • MFJ numbers
  • Itemized deductions (this includes state deduction, charity, medical expenses, self-employment credits, etc)
  • Student loan payment / tax deduction
  • Children related expenses and credits
  • Suggestions? Please comment below

Revision History

Feb 23, 2016 – With any Google Sheet, the revision history is there. For any changes, I will update this blog post about what the change is

Dec 26, 2017 – Updated with 2018 tab, 2018 MFJ tab, preliminary 2018 itemized tab. Includes new 2018 tax brackets, standard deduction change, and personal exemption removal

A quick history on my crazy personal finance and tracking habits:

2009: The oldest sheet I can find and this was a basic sheet with date, item, cost. I can’t remember why I started tracking my expenses but since then, it’s been a habit ever since!

2010 & 2011: Expanded columns to indicate my spending specific to each payment type: cash, checking account 1, checking account 2, credit card. I also tracked start and end balances month-to-month

2012: Going from the Google Sheets to Mint since it logs expenses from my credit card anyway. Then realizing it wasn’t always matching the time it was executed.

2013: Decided to move over to Expensify so I could create my own categories (because Mint has a ton) and logged each expense and soon as it happened.

Also when I decided to create a smarter yearly budget sheet with tax calculations and monthly budget amounts (vs actual spend pulled from Expensify).

2014: More robust sheet with tax break out by federal, NYS, NYC, fixed costs, and disposable income (aka flex budget). Still updating monthly spend amounts pulled from my Expensify inputs.

2015: Fine tuning the sheet, still using Expensify monthly inputs.

2016: Moving back to Mint and using their categories because inputting each expense is a PAIN, especially since I use my credit card more than cash.

2017: Still prefer Mint over other apps (like Personal Capital)

2018: Going to check out Honey Due (for couples)

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