color run 2013

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color run before
color run before
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color run after
color run after

Color Run. Happiest5k 🙂 ♥

How did I hear about this run? I was scrolling through Facebook around Dec 2012/Jan 2013 and saw an interesting volleyball profile picture. Being the volleyball lover I am, I wanted to see the actual photo. Two profile pictures earlier, it was the color run. It looked like so much fun that I wanted to run it for 2013 (just in time for making the year’s bucket list).

I subscribed to the newsletter and followed them on Twitter, since the NYC date was not out yet. When it was announced, much to my dismay, it was during my Tokyo/Seoul trip. I thought, “time to defer to 2014.”

Then, randomly, I get a text from my friend about joining her team. I thought it was full for June! Turns out there was a Sep date and Color Me Blueeeeeeee I joined.

The run was definitely NOT 5k, but it was definitely colorful & fun.

The cornstarch was more difficult to scrub off than I thought. I sprayed my tee shirt with vinegar to iron, but ran out of the house before I could iron. I woke up the next morning to a sparkly white tee; thanks grandma 🙁


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