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You know that feeling when you go back to some place you have not been in a while? And just when I thought it, Swarm let me know that I have not been back since August (thanks a lot for making me feel worse).

I pat myself on the back for a job well done: I woke up early and GOT UP (comfy blankets, you’re no good for me, we may need a divorce).

I had 30 minutes before the class started and did a few exercises with the body bar for my back, glutes, legs, chest, and back. Just in time for Shelly Heitman‘s Zumba class. I wondered why some students took the 2.5 pound discs. Oh, here we go… raise the roof. Stephanie and Miss Motivational would be proud of this move :0)

raise the roof
raise the roof

During one of the songs, the Pon De FLO came out in me (by the way, I recently became certified to teach this class type). Hands like guns, pew pew. It reminded me of Kappas.

show those guns
show those guns
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