coffee kind medium/dark

coffee kind medium/dark

Coffee Kind is an online coffee shop to get speciality coffee from around the world. They also have a discovery subscription plan that mails you two bags of coffee (6 oz each) along with information on the beans.

I ordered my first box for medium / dark because they had an enticing holiday sale of “make a purchase and get random giftcard up to $50”. The first box is also 50% off (aka $10) with the promo code FIRSTBOX50. Not knowing I missed the order deadline deadline (the 10th of each month), I wondered why my order took so long to arrive back in December. It arrived mid-January like this:

the packaging box is so cute and fits the coffee bags perfectly!
the packaging box is so cute and fits the 2 coffee bags perfectly!
PC: Coffee Kind

Thanks to Snowpocalypse, we had a ton of time indoors to brew coffee. The bags of coffee were very aromatic 😍. I was practically like an addict squeezing the bag and sniffing the air valve. It smelled like roasted chocolates and baking spice, exactly like the tasting notes they described!

winnie drinking medium Iglesias
more coffee sniffing – the medium body Iglesias (no milk or sugar), while catching up on some reading
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coffee just chilling with the bean crusher
coffee just chilling with the bean crusher


Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia [Light]

Yirgacheffe is a coffee region in southern Ethiopia that produces distinctive coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica long grown in the region. Yirgacheffe coffees like this one typically express great aromatic complexity and intensity with a particular emphasis on citrus and floral notes. Like virtually all Ehtiopia coffees, this coffee is produced by villagers on small, garden plots interplanted with food and other subsistence crops. The ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) was founded in April 2008 to discipline, regulate, and bring transparency to the commodities market in Ethiopia, including the market for green coffee.

“Iglesias” Antigua, Guatemala [Medium]

The famous ancient city of Antigua contains over 43 churches, so it is not surprising that this special coffee gets the brand “Iglesias”. Antigua Iglesias comes from the Plantation Santo Tomas and El Vallecito. Both are located in Ciudad Vieja in the state of Sacatepequez at the slopes of the Volcano Agua. The coffee grow sunder Gravilea trees in rich volcanic soil. After harvest, the coffee is bough to the famous mill, Concepcion Escuintla. During the coffee’s time at Concepcion, it is sundried on patios, separated by size, density, and color. The result is a superior coffee with extreme complexities.

  • Varieties: 60% Bourbon, 40% Catuai & Caturra
  • Tasting Notes: strawberry, floral, kiwi, apple, creamy milk chocolate, baking spice finish
  • Winnie’s thoughts: this tasted really smooth. I smelled the roastedness and the baking spice. This goes well with or without milk and sugar.

“Finca La Providencia” Acatenango, Guatemala [Dark]

La Providencia, located in a micro-climate within the foothills of balajuyu, faces the volcano, Acatenango. The farms location contains Andisol volcanic soil and experiences annual rainfall of 1500mm and temperatures ranging from 15 to 28 degrees Celcius. The Finca yields roughly 2,000 bags which are sorted depending on quality all of which comes from roughly 251 hectares of rich land. The land is shaded, much to the crop’s advantage, with Inga, Gravilea, Avocado, Magnolia, and Guachipilin (forest flame) trees.

  • Varieties: 80% Caturra, 15% Bourbon, 5% Catuai
  • Tasting Notes: malt, lemon, well balanced, peach

I’m a pretty slow coffee drinker when it comes to brewing at home. I also don’t want to start a new bag (the dark) before finishing open coffee bean bags. Hopefully by my next coffee box (March 2016), I will have finished the medium and tried the dark roast.

I’ll update this post once I do! ☕ = ❤️

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