skin care routine

skin care routine

Before I turned 25, my mom was like, “Winnie, everything is going to change. You better take care of your skin.” Since following Ceci’s blog about Korean products and going on a shopping trip with her… I have come to a skin care routine. Taking your skin is the best way to keep looking like a 12 year old 🙌 .

I slowly gone from a 2 step process (wash & tone) to a multi-step process. This are the current products I use and I’ll update this page as I change it up!

Night Routine

1. Makeup remover – Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser (green cap)

2. Face wash – Tony Moly Goat Cream Cleanser – this cleanser leaves my face feeling super moisturized and not dry. This is my first Korean cleanser product and I’m so happy to have made the switch! I always though cleansers dried your skin… and that was normal. Unfortunately, I gave this to my boyfriend so I switched to the Burt’s Bees. During my link searches for this blog post, I found this on Amazon for $9 (this is no longer on Amazon) and repurchased! What a steal considering the Tony Moly price is $19 (what I paid).

3. Toner – Innisfree Green Tea Balaning Skin. After finishing a bottle of Goodal toner, I ordered this from Amazon since I wasn’t sure when the next Korean beauty sale was going to be. I like that it’s thick and it feels very moisturizing on my skin after washing my face.

4. Essence – MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence (150 mL for $23 on Amazon). This is an affordable mock of the SKII. It’s $49 on

4.5 Sheet mask (once a week). I have a bag full of sheet masks of the Etude House I Need You Mask, Nature Republic Real Mask Sheet, and I’m eyeing these next once my stash runs out: Tony Moly I’m Real Skin Care Facial Mask.

5. Emulsion – finishing up some sample size products

6. Cream – Ponds Caring Dry Skin Cream (blue cap)

Morning Routine

1. Essence
2. Moisturizer
3. Eye cream

Products Used

Makeup remover / cleanser

  • Garner Micellar Water (red cap, non-waterproof removal) – while this product is super easy to use by squirting onto a cotton pad… it doesn’t really remove eye makeup well. I leave it on top of my eye for a few seconds and brush to the side. It claims you don’t need to do any harsh rubbing but it’s needed to remove completely. I skipped a night of my Clarisonic use and opted for this instead (since I did not workout that day) and it was unable to remove my makeup as I still saw my BB cream color when I used another cotton round for toner. This product is best for a morning clean.
  • Burt’s Bees Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. This cleanser was surprisingly cool and minty. It really gets you in the sleeping mode. Not a lot of suds so it’s much easier to wash off (but I love suds cause it tricks me to think I am cleaner, haha)


  • Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 (pink bottle) – this toner was not as stinging, but it still had that feeling. It was a good run but I rather use a toner that also moisturizes in addition to leveling my pH.
  • Nature Republic SACCHAROMYCES The First Essential Skin – it’s gloopy and definitely different from the products I’ve used from drugstores. I do feel it moisturize my skin, leaving it soft. I’m so happy I can finally can use this since I finished my other products (noted below). Do not confuse this with the other products in the line (this product is not on Amazon so go find a store nearest you. I originally got 2 bottles from RoseRoseShop but it’s not listed right now: click here to check). This product seems to be decommissioned since it’s not on the Nature Republic site anymore.

Nature Republic SACCHAROMYCES The First Essential Skin

Other Products

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