stitchfix summer box

stitchfix summer box

Thanks to T-Mobile Tuesday for the $25 credit hookup in July! Best thing EVER. I asked my friends and family for their code so I could finally refresh my wardrobe. I really wanted everything in this box to be something I would like to keep and I got just what I wanted! YAY!!! I am ready to take on the world with 5 additional pieces!
♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

Just a quick blurb on Stitch Fix, in case you’re not familiar:

Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers a truly personalized shopping experience, just for you. Fill out your Style Profile and a personal stylist will hand pick pieces to fit your tastes, needs and budget—and mail them directly to your door. Each box contains five items of clothing, shoes and accessories for you to try on at home. Keep what you love, send the rest back in a prepaid USPS envelope. Shipping and returns are free—even for exchanges!

I got my first box last year (Jan 2016) and haven’t ordered another one since. Not because they didn’t send me things I like (I liked them all), but because of the price point. You can read that post here.

Alrightie, so here are my 5 pieces. I was BEYOND excited to open the box (it sat near my door for 3 days):

  1. Colibri Sleeveless Top by Market & Spruce
    Cost: $44
    Size: XS
  2. Dianna Skinny Jean by Prosperity
    Cost: $78
    Size: 0
  3. Jimena Embroided Top
    Cost: $54
    Size: XS
  4. Pineda Split Neck Top by Fun2Fun
    Cost: $44
    Size: XS
  5. Mankai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top
    Cost: $44
    Size: XS

Here’s the style card that I got from Mai to pair to items I may already own. I tried to find the outfit in my closet to photograph the style as close as possible 🙂

Here is my stylist’s note to me. It made me so happy. It’s like she knew me!! I love the comment where she said Extra Petite (fashion blogger) would approve LOL. And they were all breathable materials that won’t make me stinky in the summer <3 (this was my comment after I submitted my order in the what else do you want to share?). I spent about 5 minutes with the box after I opened it before I had to do some errands, but I already knew it was a keeper and I was so excited to take pictures the following week. (Such a loser, haha.)

stitchfix stylist note
it’s like she knows me!

1. Colibri Sleeveless Top by Market & Spruce

When I took this out the box, I was like YES! I love sleeveless tops and things with pockets!! Every time I see something like this at H&M, I always want it. But it’s usually polyester, which means a no-go for me. And they are usually less than $15.

After I tried it on, I realized it was pretty long for a top–I can cover my entire underwear, but it’s no way a dress. The V neck seemed pretty low, but it was actually a really good spot. I also love how it has a pocket on the left side–perfect for my work ID and chapstick.

I paired this with the skinny jeans and some gray shoes as noted in the outfit suggestion card 🙂

colibri sleeveless top, dianna skinny jeans
no filter 😀 I have a sunroof and I’m gonna use it!

2. Dianna Skinny Jean by Prosperity

I actually tried this on right away after I opened my box. I was like, ooh, so soft. I like it. It’s between low and mid-rise, which is also something I was looking for. I didn’t include this in my note. I swear Stitch Fix can read my mind LOL.

Skinny jeans are actually pretty hard to find now since a lot of brands I used to wear decided to make pants super super skinny that I couldn’t pull them pass my calves.

colibri sleeveless top, dianna skinny jeans, side view
wow, look at that spot on the floor!

3. Jimena Embroided Top

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this. It’s not exactly my style but I’ll get used to it. Plus, buying the entire box gets 25% off, which means the total is $3 vs if I did not buy the Jimena, my total would’ve been $15. How crazy, haha.

It’s XS, but it feels bigger since it’s more of a loose top look. Please excuse the wrinkles as it came straight from the box. I like this top with blue shorts and the white jeans, sandals or (pink) heels!

jimena top, shorts, sandals
don’t mind the wrinkles… it was straight from the box 🙂
jimena top, shorts, pink heels
hmm, can I pose without ruining the wall?

4. Pineda Split Neck Top by Fun2Fun

So when I first saw this, I immediately thought “plaid and flannel.” BTW, I had no idea what flannel until about 1.5 years ago when I asked my co-workers . I always thought the plaid look is pretty cute (depending how you wear it), but I never was able to imagine it on myself every time I shopped and put it in front of me looking at the mirror. I really like the colors on this one and it will go perfectly with those skinny jeans!

pineda top, white jeans, black heels
not bad with black heels either
pineda top, white jeans, blue shoes
does it look like I’m going back to school?

5. Mankai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top

A floral top! My cousins always say flowers are grandma-ish. I think this top is cute. My stylist Mai also wasn’t sure what I would think, but she threw it in there anyway, giving it a chance. I think this tank top can replace my current floral tank top that I coined my “around the world tank top” since it goes with me on all my vacations (and is about 6 years old now ).

I think I prefer the tucked in look, but it can work both ways.

mankai top, untucked, jeans
untucked? hmm
mankai top, tucked, jeans, cardigan
tucked and paired with the cardigan, like the style card 🙂

It’s also pretty cute with shorts

mankai top, tucked, shorts
oh no, where should i look?

More Comments to the Stylist

In case you’re curious, this is in my “Final Thoughts?” section

My workplace is fairly casual and I tend to wear jeans (fall) and dresses/skirts (summer). I don’t wear pencil skirts much anymore after I left my finance job. Willing to invest more $ in quality attire, but the cheaper the better. Shoes need to be comfortable (not just fashionable). Idk how accurate sizes are, but some ex: Banana Republic 0P; Forever21 XS tops, 24 pants; H&M 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 4 dresses. Also open to new styles that fit my figure to look fabulous 🙂 . Loved your 1st box!!

When you place an order for a Stitch Fix box, you can also include more comments. In this box, I wrote something along the lines of:

– No polyester; cotton or similar since I get hot easily
– No shoes nor accessories
– Tops, please!


One thing to remember is to change your RETURN DATE after you receive it. I got mine on a Thursday evening and I knew I would not have time to return in 3 business days (Monday), especially if I wanted to take pictures and really question my style . I updated my return date to be about 11 business days later since I knew I wouldn’t get to it during week nights.

In Conclusion…

I might just order another box (for another season?) just to have that rush of giddiness again. Are you ready for your Stitch Fix?  The $20 styling fee becomes a credit applied towards your purchase, so you’re not really losing those dollars.

Best $3 spent ever. (Okay, I lie. Best $3 spent was for parking at Target because we didn’t have to lug around 55 pounds for 3 blocks.)

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