stuff i ❤️ (promo codes)

stuff i ❤️ (promo codes)

👋 you know I’m all about a good deal and saving money. I wouldn’t share if I didn’t like it, so here are my promo codes for my favorite things:

Mobile Service

Visible (runs on Verizon)

  • Phone service is reliable across the USA
  • Sign up on this page
  • First month of service for only $5!
  • Second month and onward is $35/mo
  • Once 4 people are in my “party” — it becomes $25/mo! Even cheaper than TMobile 😱

Bathroom Faves

  • Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper
    • –> you’ll get a code after you enter your email. Codes do not stack 🙁
    • $10 off your order of $48
    • That means you need to get the 48 roll box (recycled $48; bamboo $54). Recycled box comes out of $41.37 at $0.86/roll. This TP is not cheap when you compare to Costco size Scott’s 1000 sheet
    • No shipping fees
  • Hello Tushy Bidet
    • Promo link: I actually don’t have a working code anymore. My account seemed to have disappeared! But you can scour the internets for one
    • I bought the regular bidet (cold water) since it was cheaper. Honestly don’t notice the difference
    • The hot water one requires a second pipe to connect to a hot water source. So you have to actually see if your toilet area can even reach the sink pipes for that connection
    • Make sure you get the right adapter for the bidet/toilet tank pipe split

Plastic Replacements

  • Metal regular straw
    • Buy from Amazon (and I get a super small portion)
    • I prefer this because it’s very easy to clean with the pipe cleaner brush. It is a bit awkward to carry around since pouches aren’t usually this long… so I tend to put in a sturdy Ziploc and reuse the bag too…
  • Metal boba/smoothie straw
    • Buy from Amazon (and I get a super small portion)
    • One item I use very often. This CANNOT pop boba plastic cup lids so I usually pop the lid with a quick poke using the pipe cleaner pointy end
    • Super easy to clean and makes smoothies colder as you drink too
    • Ever since COVID-19, it’s been harder to avoid plastic, or saying “no straw please!” because places just pack it into your order regardless
  • Final Straw
    • Promo code: winniem for 10% off
    • Very compact – the size of a car key
    • I got V1 which has a stupid silicone cleaner that is a string you pull through the straw (they don’t have this for sale anymore). V2 has a pipe cleaner brush so that is def better
    • If you don’t use it often, the parts where the silicone bends tends to get stuck flat so you’ll have to bend it around the other direction to loosen up. Recommend keeping the straws unbent at home until you’re on the go. It’s also shorter than the above Amazon straw I linked, so I usually fold it in half to fit into my pencil case

Skin Care

  • Biossance
    • Squalane oil and the Vitamin C + rose + squalane oil. Don’t need a face sheet mask again!
    • $15 off your order; promo codes do not stack


  • Purple Mattress! Upgraded from a meh mattress from a local Chinese furniture store after using for 2.5 years. We tried the Tempur-pedic mattress topper but it was SO STIFF — turning while on the bed was met with resistance and when I was able to turn — hard bed smack on face.
    • Get $20 off $200 purchase
    • Trying to find my code lol

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