time to get crafty with Cricut

time to get crafty with Cricut

Hi everyone! Long time no post!

Playing with the Cricut Explore Air™ between this blog post. It’s sooo cool. I’ve always wanted one and I finally decided to get it since it was on sale at Michaels… and I made some freelance art money (totally justifies the purchase).

Watch Ada & I unbox it:

These are some things we tested:

After testing the write feature, I was wondering why it was drawing the outline. It was because I didn’t select a “handwriting” font… so thanks Google 😃

The custom whale graphic was easy! I uploaded my doodle and erased the background and words. It became a cut out and the Cricut did it very well. First cut was on “cardstock” and second was on “paper” (2x cut and it was not good enough) and it finally cut on “light cardstock”. I don’t want to ruin my cutting pad already but it got SO DUSTY. See:

cutting mat got so dusty already 🙁 . i wonder how many uses it has

While I was feeding the blank white cards to write with blue Crayola marker (the Cricut can fit these, hooray, because Cricut markers are like $4 each), it drew a line on the back of the cards… so those 2 cannot be for sale (whomp whomp) so I will just give them away to people when I need to say thank you.

PS: Consider joining the Cricut Affiliate Program?

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